A star in the heavens of Popular Music

Costa Cordalis is one of the most consistent performers in international show business. He has survived unscathed the shifting trends of music for more than three decades, and has always retained his individual musical style, between beat music and disco. His discipline, realism and – not least – sheer hard work have made him into one of the greats of show business. Fans who adore him and a high level of fame have been the rewards for his efforts.

Costa is a singer, composer and entertainer. He studied for five years at the Acadamy of Music in Frankfurt, and he can play several instruments. He has a wide musical spectrum at his disposal, and he pursues his career with inner conviction and honest passion. His richly varied stage shows have been greeted with enthusiasm by a world-wide public for many years, because Costa presents himself completely afresh at every concert. For over 30 years now, Costa has been singing on tours throughout Europe – at concerts, shows and events of all kinds – as well as appearing on numerous television shows (Costa speaks eight languages fluently, and sings his songs in twenty-five!).

In the course of his career – which had already begun at the end of the 1960's - he has released over two dozen albums and twice that number of singles. Amongst his biggest hits have been »Anita«, »Du hast ja Tränen in den Augen«, »Steig in das Boot heute Nacht, Anna Lena«, »Es stieg ein Engel vom Olymp«, »Carolina komm« and many more. A selection from his discography can be found here.

In addition to many gold and platinum records, Cordalis has also received various awards, such as the »Goldene Europa« and the »Goldene Stimmgabel«.

The fact that the Cordalis "family project" is now being greeted with such popular public acclaim is a further triumph for Costa Cordalis, and proof that his charisma appeals across the generations. When they were only three and four years old, his children Angeliki (Kiki) and Lucas Cordalis supported him on the hit single »Anita«.

In 1997, the three of them achieved another super.hit - "Viva la Noche" – and they have continued their collaboration with many further chart successes.

In 2014, Costa Cordalis published his autobiography.

The internationally famous singer, composer and entertainer – whose ancestry is Greek – can look back on over 40 successful years in show business; and he is still looking forwards – "it's a long way from being over".

Costa Cordalis: a life dedicated to his family, his fans and his music; and all this - God willing - for decades to come!


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